Marble is one of the most elegant flooring materials you can choose for your kitchen. All natural, it is harvested from the belly of a mountain in great slabs of stone, which are then sliced down and refined into the individual tiles, slabs, and mosaics that are used in standard construction processes.

When installed in a kitchen, it can create a sense of sophistication that will carry throughout the atmosphere of the room.

Since marble tiles are 100% natural, they will require regular maintenance. But you shouldn’t let this scare you into choosing something you don’t totally love. There is nothing quite like the timeless look of marble. It has a sort-of translucent quality that lets light penetrate the surface and give off a glowing quality.

Our Natural Marble Varieties

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The following images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may look different. Please visit our showroom to see these tiles in person.

Natural White Polished Marble Tiles Available in 610X305X10mm @ $93.50 a SQM
610X406X12mm @$104.50 a SQM
Diano Beige Polished Marble Tiles 457x457X12mm @ $110 a SQM