Marble Tiles Melbourne

Since ancient times, marble has been scarce. Relatively few quarries in the world provide access to great marble resources. From the earliest days, masons new marble offered something special in terms of beauty and treasure. Sculptors would create masterpieces in marble. Architects would line palaces, temples, and cathedrals with marble. And, much later, individual industrial leaders and homeowners would bring marble indoors as a statement of their wealth and taste.

Marble Tiles Melbourne like the Daino Beige Marble creates the same sense of elegance and luxury. Marble Tiles might line the floors to create a sense of floor space. They might line walls in baths, showers, and kitchens for easy maintenance. Or, they might offer a bold statement of security and stability in a business’s lobby.

These natural marble tiles are hewn from mountains, carefully scored and sawed into slabs, and eventually cut into individual tiles.

Genuine Marble Tiles like the Daino Beige Marble require slightly more care than Marble Look Porcelain Tiles because they are natural. They must be sealed and washed with care. But, it’s not enough reason to avoid the wealth of design and depth of beauty only natural marble offers.

Whether you are building or remodelling, doing the work yourself or using a professional tile contractor, you want the best imports from Turkey and Italy.

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Our Natural Marble Varieties

The following images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may look different. Please visit our showroom to see these awesome tiles in person.

Natural White Marble Tiles Melbourne | Daino Beige Marble

Natural White Polished Marble Tiles Available in
610X305X10mm @ $93.50 a SQM
610X406X12mm @$104.50 a SQM

Diano Beige Marble Tiles Melbourne

Daino Beige Polished Marble Tiles 457x457X12mm @ $110 a SQM

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