Large Format Porcelain Panels

These large format porcelain panels reduce labour costs in a home or office building and renovating. Weighing less than the Large Format Porcelain Tiles these Large Format Thin Tiles contractors, builders, and homeowners are easily laid and cut for a variety of applications from bathroom floors to kitchen splashbacks.

Tile makers have successfully reduced the thickness and weight of large format tiles without hurting the quality and durability.

Current deals at Iconic Stones include the Carrara Marble Look Large Format Porcelain Tiles in Melbourne measuring 900 X 1800 X 5.5mm. Sleek, chic, and identical with the classic Carrara marble can be yours competitively priced at $119 incl GST per sheet (1.62 SQM).


ICONIC STONES imports its stone materials directly from quarries all around the world. There’s absolutely no middleman or any other marketing channel mark-ups. We offer very competitive discounts on granite tiles, marble tiles, travertine tiles, marble mosaics and porcelain tiles.

Visit our showroom today to see the beautiful tiles pictured here and more at Iconic Stones, Factory 5, 2-8 Northey Road, Lynbrook.

Call us at 8753 8764 to discuss your project requirements.


Carrara Marble Look 900X1800X5.5mm Large Format Porcelain Panels

Carrara Large Format Porcelain Panel

These X Large Porcelain Panels Are Very Competitively Priced @ $119 incl GST Per Sheet (1.62 SQM)

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