When you choose Iconic Stones, you gain granite tiles and pavers with superior strength and unmatched durability.

The pavers are expertly cut and calibrated for professional installation and deliver a level of hardness that you can depend on long after your project is completed. Our Granite Pavers are cut from natural stone granite, creating a naturally strong and beautiful pavement. With a hard-wearing surface, Granite Pavers do not scratch or chip easily making them perfect for high traffic areas such as walkways and entrance ways. With careful selection of raw materials and production of pavers with the closest tolerances in the industry, our Granite Pavers are a natural choice for all types of applications. This granite is having flamed rough top surface finish remaining non-slip around the wet surfaces too.

Why Buy Granite pavers From Iconic Stones?

Our discount granite pavers are cut and finished with an extreme attention to detail. We offer a variety of grades and price points to meet your project needs. When you buy granite, you are buying a stone to last a lifetime. We aim to give you the best options on the market at the very best price, and we’ll never sell you cheap quality granite pavers.

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The G684, G654 and G603 Granite Pavers are available in following sizes:

Granite Tiles And Paver Sizes

500x500x20mm – Flame Finish

600x300x20mm – Flame Finish

600x600x20mm – Flame Finish

800x400x20mm – Flame Finish

1000x500x20mm – Flame Finish


1000x350x30X30mm G654 – Flame Finish

1000x350x30X30 G684 – Flame Finish


G654 Granite Tiles and pavers
G654 Granite Flame Finish Pavers
G603 Granite Tiles and pavers
G603 Granite Flame Finish Pavers
G684 Granite Tiles and pavers
G684 Granite Flame Finish Pavers

Silver Granite Tiles and pavers

Silver Pearl Granite Tiles

Leather Finish


Thickness: 15mm



Black Galaxy Granite Tiles

Black Galaxy Granite Tiles

Polished Finish


Thickness: 10mm